Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pictures!....and Wal-Mart Disaster

Well... here are 3 of the engagement pictures.  Not bad, if I say so my self.  Especially for an impossibly un-photogenic girl named Sarah.   Thanks Casey Hyer!

Now to the disaster.

Harry and I have been looking at TV's lately for our first home, and we need one for the reception as well to show the slideshow.   While on my way home from work I had seen a good one on clearance and wanted to get it, but it was at the Saratoga Springs Wal-Mart by where I work.

So Harry and I for friday night date night went out to Lehi to eat at Culver's because everyone had been raving about it at work.  And for a good reason -extremely unhealthy, but famous for fried cheese curds, butter burgers,  and frozen custard.  Delicious!  We will probably be going back soon.   Harry ordered at triple bacon cheese butter burger.  what a mouthful.

After dinner we went to the Lehi Wally's world to see if they had the same deal, they didn't so we did go all the way to the Saratoga Springs Wal-Mart.   We found the TV and there was only one left which it took about 20 minutes for them to find in the back.

We went to go check out and that is when disaster struck.   We had the pleasure of having the "jack of all trades" lady check us out as she so proclaimed- who did not know how to do a credit card application.  We had decided to get a Wal-Mart credit card for this purchase because it would give us 12 months to pay it off with no interest and also an extra $20 off.

So she tries to start the application process and we get approved for it....easy enough.   Then it came time to make the purchase with the approval and she couldn't figure out how to do it.  

2 hours later and the help of 2 managers we walked out of Wal-Mart with out a TV but at least a promise of an extra $20 off when we came back.

We stopped at the Saratoga Springs hot pools on our way back though to make us feel better.  And almost got busted by the cops there if we hadn't left about 1 minute earlier.... apparently the park closes at 10pm.  oops.

So Saturday morning Harry and I head all the way back out to that Wal-Mart and AGAIN they cannot figure it out with 3 of the workers there.  Finally they call customer support after another half hour or so and it is all because when they first entered Harry's license they typed in one letter wrong, and to make the purchase they had to type in the license number.  STUPID.  

We really were not that mad, though it was  little annoying.   It was an honest mistake. The extra $20 was a nice gesture, though it hardly even paid for our gas to get out and back to that store from Provo.


We love it!


  1. LOVE the engagements. (the one you made your blog pic at the top is my favorite). I hope Harry isn't saying you need a TV in a few months! Sam says it all the time . . .

  2. Ha! That is hysterical. Now you know why Ben almost refuses to step foot it there. That and they put water in our windshield washer fluid last time we got our oil changed there, which happened to be the same weekend Ben went skiing at Copper Mountain with 8 new inches of snow on the ground and a frozen reservoir.... he was not happy. Anywho- I love the engagements too! And Ben says a new tv is what we need too... must be a man thing! Or a Douglass man thing! Pretty sure Dad says it too and their tv is HUGE!!