Sunday, January 29, 2012

One of those weeks....

Ok so this week really wasn't terrible but I about lost it a few times...especially if I lost one more thing. First off, after that wonderful trip home I came back with out my computer cord-unbeknown to myself. So I lazily woke up Monday morning to print off my homework assignments that I had already done to find out that my cord wasn't here and my computer battery had already died ( which is no surprise as it lasts about 10 minutes). So I was sent into a frantic rush to redo all my homework before class. I first rode my bike to Harris house to check if my cord was in the car.

Side story: Emma got t-boned bad in a parking lot last week and it totaled her poor 4 runner. Harry's dad decided to come down with us on our way home to take THE 4 runner (yes, Harry's pride and joy) back to Eagle for Emma to drive. Harry is not too heart broken though...just means he/we might be that much closer to getting the old Toyota land cruiser that his family friend the Andersons's have. It is a sweet car. Alec was kind enough to drive Harry's car to Snowville so Kurt did not have to drive all the way to Provo and back. We could not of had better timing on that one. With us coming from Boise and Alec coming from Provo, we were going across the over pass from the off ramp and Alec was coming off the off ramp from he other direction. If he didn't stop at the stop sign he would have hit us. It was pretty awesome.

Anyway my cord Was not in my car, so I rushed to a lab on campus...the computers were not working, And then ran over to another. I was in there about 5 minutes before a class came in...I just stayed there with the class. So I recreated all my homework and all was well ( and, yes, now I have a dropbox account).

Until I realized I didn't have a book for one of my classes and neither did any book store in town, and I had a quiz due that night. So I finally figured out there was one on course reserve and went there after my statistic class ( of my professors refers to it as 'sadistics' and I agree) and my ID card had fallen out of my pocket somewhere. So I scrambled to find someone who could check he book out for me. Dumb.

Other things this week were having to go out to work an extra day for the annual sexual harassment meeting ( so fun), loosing my hair brush the day of a big meeting at work with the school district and a bunch of mis communication about getting to the meeting, finding out we have two weeks to raise $50,000 of our $150,000 goal at work in two weeks! ( and also finding out other cities have to raise about 5,000 to $ 18,000 total for their city celebrations, and
Harry almost having a loose it moment by being at the mall( but that one was actually pretty funny). But ya, just one of those weeks.

On a more postitive note- we had an awesome day of skiing now that there is actually snow and had a blast seeing my friends Ashley and Calvin a their place in highland. Also, I got to go To Cydnee Squires farewell. She is serving a mission in Argentina and will be a wonderful missionary. Also Harry did "not have that much homework" so I got to see him for like 3 hours on Friday night and most of saturday! I will take what I can get.

I just hope this week is a little more smooth running

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home again, home again jiggity jig

After I wrote the title for this post , I realized I didn’t know where it actually came from.  So naturally, I used that “google thing” (as my oh-so tech savvy mother calls it) to do some research.  Apparently, this is the rest of the nursery rhyme-

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig.
Home again, home again, jiggity jig.
To market, to market, to buy a fat hog,
Home again, home again, jiggity jog.
To market, to market, to buy a plum bun,
Home again, home again, market is done.

Anyway, yes, Harry and I did go home to the greatest place on Earth: Eagle, Idaho.  But it turned out to be anything but a restful weekend.  I had 3 appointments for different wedding planning items and pretty much the whole weekend was filled with shopping, planning and shopping some more… I really don’t like shopping, and especially don’t like malls.  But we got a lot done: cake is ordered, wedding dress is getting altered, picked out a reception place (it is a really neat place!), shoes bought, and a bunch of decorating items bought and planned.   A pricy weekend, but what’s money for right?  Spending. 

I think Harry did homework all weekend, but he did surface for the cake testing.

My mom and I were unstoppable with all the wedding plans and literally when it comes to sorting through old pictures--you couldn’t stop us.   This weekend also turned out to be a marathon down memory lane.   My mom had picked out some pictures of me to use on the wedding slideshow, so the first night when I pulled in from Provo (at 1am) I went and looked at the pictures she had pulled….and then the baby books she had set aside… and then pulled two boxes from the garage that had pictures and old papers and started going through it and organizing.   Before I knew it, my mom came walking out just before 7 to get ready for work.  Oops.

At first she was almost mad and confused that I was up still, and then I said “I started going through pictures” and then she just said “oh….yeah. “  I am so glad we understand each other.

It didn’t stop there.  Friday night after work we went through some more stuff, and Saturday morning I woke up to more boxes in the kitchen and we just kept going until we had to peel ourselves away to make it to our appointments.   Saturday night, my mom was still going strong.  

Absolutely the best moment of the weekend: As we are going through stuff, my mom found an old box of insurance papers and what not that she was just going to throw away and then last minute decided to just sort through it real fast.  And  I will forever be glad that she did.  Amongst all my dad’s (who passed away 2 years ago) work papers was a letter that he had written to Jason, Sadie and me…and none of us, not even my mom, had ever seen it before.  It was a letter written before he even knew he had Lou Gehrig’s disease telling us things he wanted us to know at the time in case something happened to him with all of his traveling for work.  It is a wonderful treasure that I will cherish for the rest of my life.   I am so glad my mom was inspired to quickly take a look through that box and my dad was inspired to write us a letter so long ago.  I feel so blessed.

It was truly a great weekend, a little sleep deprived, but feeling good.  A lot got done, and a lot of great memories shared.  I love my family so much.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Not so courageous.

When I think of courage, often I think of the brave service of the men and women in our military that do so much for us and for which I am very appreciative of.   This post is not about them, well, it sort of is.   This post is about the opposite of courage, being completely paralyzed in the face of fear, unlike our heroic service people.  This post is about my friend Kristen and I on our way to work out. 
Kristen and I, who are both getting married this summer, have recently been much more motivated to work out regularly (for some reason…)  and today we were up at 6:30 to go to the BYU student fitness center.

Side note:  strange fact of BYU # 652 – more students pack the gym at 6:00 in the morning than any other time (source: myself).   A bunch of overachievers, I think.  Aren’t college students supposed to sleep in all the time?

Anyway, we were just minding our own business walking up to the Smith Field house when suddenly we were behind about 20 ROTC students who were walking, very slowly, in perfect formation.  So, naturally we try to walk around them on the edge of the side walk.  We try to pick up the pace to pass them quickly.  As we are doing this and listening to their leader yelling out calls, we hear “DOUBLE TIME.”  So now, our paces are very similar as we are trying to out-speed walk them and I start to get nervous.  Just about as I am to the front of their line they yell out something else which I guess means run and the whole formation takes off, almost trampling us.  Right as this happens, I utter my awkward “dangit” and simultaneously Kristen and I are hunched over, and huddled together whimpering in fear.  Of course, then we start laughing so hard that our abs are getting a head start on the work out.

Was this actually a scary moment in our lives? Probably not (especially for anyone else that would have experienced it).  But was it a completely real and raw reaction? Absolutely.

And so the saga continues of something awkward happening pretty much every time we are together.   We will see what happens next time.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Here we go!

Well,  I guess there is nothing like an assignment in class to motivate me to actually write in the blog I started months ago... and never posted a thing on.   I am excited for the little extra motivation (or requirement) to actually write weekly at a minimum.  
It’s the start of a new year and a new semester and I am really excited for this coming year.  Getting through this semester might be a little bit of a struggle with my poorly planned graduating schedule that left me with only generals for my last semester of college.  Of course they are the more difficult of the generals and mixed with two other jobs, applying for internships, buying a season pass to the Canyons ski resort…. Oh yeah and PLANNING A WEDDING!- it is going to be busy to say the least (and I bet you can guess where my focus is too).  But I am not complaining.  I really could not ask for a better life and besides, I like being busy.