Friday, March 16, 2012


I have been trying really hard to be super on top of things with wedding plans so as to not cause unnecessary stress on my mom or anyone else.  We were actually pretty close to having everything done over a month out!  I was feeling pretty good.

Until today..

I was having quite a decent day,  all I really had to do was take a test, work from home a little, and then go pick up my invitations that were just printed.

Then I got multiple frantic voice mails from my mother saying I needed to call her asap.  That is never a good sign

Turns out the reception venue decided to not tell us when we booked with them that their water had been shut off in OCTOBER and that the department of transportation is going to be blocking access to the venue.   They decided to tell us ONE MONTH before that we would not be able to have the reception there.... oh ya and they are not going to be giving us our money back.

wow.  thanks guys

So..... PANIC

Probably going to be making a little trip up to Boise this weekend to find a new place.

Did I mention we got our invitations printed yesterday with the address of this place?  Even better.


  1. sarah! NO. no bueno. i don't like this news at all!

  2. Sarah, I'm so sorry! Sam told me last night. I can't believe it. how horrible. You guys will figure it out though. At least the temple didn't cancel on you?! Then you'd REALLY be screwed. ahha

  3. So SO wrong. I'm really sorry! I will see if my parents can help! They know the owners (possibly previous owners)!