Sunday, March 25, 2012


I love Boise. And even more, I love eagle. Every time I go home two things happen. First, I have a renewed desire to get everything done at school so that we can move back there as soon as possible and Second, being there makes it really hard to have to make the drive back to Provo. Really hard.

This last weekend we got to ski at bogus basin. Right now we live in Utah with the claimed greatest snow on earth and I still just love skiing at Bogus. It was the night for the ski patrol photo so after the closed all the lifts, Kurt and all the patrollers gathered up the cats and snow mobiles for a picture. The life light helicopter had been on the way up for the picture, but it got called off on the way. The patrollers also had a rookie race which was really fun to watch.

The rest of the weekend was spent getting wedding stuff ready. We got a new place for a reception and finished our registries. Oh, and Harry bought some chacos... Finally. I think he is already addicted. Welcome Harry to the world of chacos, there is no going back now.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Starry night and star wars

Harry and I decided to go for a little hike Saturday night in the foothills behind Orem. It turned out to be quite eventful.
First as we walked above a neighborhood I looked down and was just sure there was a small military type tank sitting in he street. I made us walk down to check it out. Turns out it was a trailer with a bunch of boards on it. Ha

Next we saw a cat running around and noticed it was chasing a mouse. We stopped to watch it, but then it actually caught it and the mouse was all squeaking really loud. I immediately regretted stopping watch. Yuck

Then best of all, as we are getting into the car another car pulled up and two men jumped out and this is what we witnessed

Yes, a full on light saber fight.  You can't tell but they were playing star wars music in the car.  At one point one guy wanted to turn off the music and lock his car and they fought the whole way over and as he was turning it off, then they proceeded to take off up into the foothills, fighting the whole way.

About 5 minutes after us sitting there watching them with the window down and laughing we see them stop on the side of the hill and one points down to us and is like "hey those guys are watching us" as if he was offended that we would be watching them do something so completely normal.  

I don't know how it took them so long to realize that we were still there......

Friday, March 16, 2012


I have been trying really hard to be super on top of things with wedding plans so as to not cause unnecessary stress on my mom or anyone else.  We were actually pretty close to having everything done over a month out!  I was feeling pretty good.

Until today..

I was having quite a decent day,  all I really had to do was take a test, work from home a little, and then go pick up my invitations that were just printed.

Then I got multiple frantic voice mails from my mother saying I needed to call her asap.  That is never a good sign

Turns out the reception venue decided to not tell us when we booked with them that their water had been shut off in OCTOBER and that the department of transportation is going to be blocking access to the venue.   They decided to tell us ONE MONTH before that we would not be able to have the reception there.... oh ya and they are not going to be giving us our money back.

wow.  thanks guys

So..... PANIC

Probably going to be making a little trip up to Boise this weekend to find a new place.

Did I mention we got our invitations printed yesterday with the address of this place?  Even better.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Good decision-
Harry and I have been looking everywhere to find a sweet old (about 1978) land cruiser to buy for Harry to drive around town and go do all the awesome things we love to do (or think that we do).

This is what we bought.

... to say the least it doesn't really have that 'wow' factor that the land cruiser would have had, but my wallet is already thankful for being able to go twice as far per dollar as my truck does.  At least we still have one awesome truck.   Actually, we already love this little guy, it 'runs like a champion' as Harry would say and it nice to get around town in.  And honestly I feel really blessed that we will be able to have two cars when we first get married and no car payments to make!

Now just to actually learn how to drive a manual....yikes.  School buses with trailer I can do... little manual car, not so much.

Poor decision-
on Thursday I brought a workout video to work so my co-workers and I could do it during our lunch break.  It is a 20 minute, pretty intense work out and it is really nice to take a break from sitting in a chair all day at my desk.
I had never done this one level on the video and it required a lot of jumping actions.

That night I had promised my friend Arielle that I would go running with her.  We both want to do the Lazyman Ironman that BYU is doing and then a little triathlon in April (so I can actually do my first one).  So we had a nice little run.

Immediately after that, we had our first intramural soccer game.  It was 11 on 11 and we only had 9 players show up.  Full field of running which I am pretty sure I have not done since high school.

Result.  My calves have never hurt this bad in my entire life.  In fact, I  don't know that I have ever been able to make them sore even when I have tried to.  I have not been able to walk like a normal person for three days.

Embarrassing story to go along with this- Harry and I did our Target registry, and I had to waddle around the entire store as we tried to find what we wanted.  I also was wearing not the greatest shoes that are somewhat slick if I hit my heel just right on a slick hard surface.  Right as we were walking/waddling past the registers where everyone is my heel did just that and had I not been holding on to Harry's arm I would have gone all the way down.  I screamed extremely loud as this happened and I fell so fast and hard that I slammed my head into Harry's arm and made my neck hurt.  Geez, what a mess! I then started laughing, drawing even more attention to us and pretty sure I thoroughly embarrassed Harry.  oops.

Good decision-

I have made some recent goals to get into better shape as well as others to write in my journal more often and  also attend the temple more.   I had a real test of my strength when I saw these at the store both at steal-of-a-deal prices.  I am a sucker for chocolate covered pretzels and redvines.  Delicious.  But I didn't buy them I will not be gaining the two lbs of licorice that would undoubtedly be gone in a matter of days.

Good decision-

Sunday morning was beautiful and Harry came over to make breakfast before church.  We had breakfast out in the back yard and it felt so nice to have the sun beating down on us a little.  We stayed out there all morning until we absolutely had to go in to get ready for church.

It made for a lovely day.

I love Sundays.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

my ear hurts

from being on the phone all day at work. Love asking random businesses for their money.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pictures!....and Wal-Mart Disaster

Well... here are 3 of the engagement pictures.  Not bad, if I say so my self.  Especially for an impossibly un-photogenic girl named Sarah.   Thanks Casey Hyer!

Now to the disaster.

Harry and I have been looking at TV's lately for our first home, and we need one for the reception as well to show the slideshow.   While on my way home from work I had seen a good one on clearance and wanted to get it, but it was at the Saratoga Springs Wal-Mart by where I work.

So Harry and I for friday night date night went out to Lehi to eat at Culver's because everyone had been raving about it at work.  And for a good reason -extremely unhealthy, but famous for fried cheese curds, butter burgers,  and frozen custard.  Delicious!  We will probably be going back soon.   Harry ordered at triple bacon cheese butter burger.  what a mouthful.

After dinner we went to the Lehi Wally's world to see if they had the same deal, they didn't so we did go all the way to the Saratoga Springs Wal-Mart.   We found the TV and there was only one left which it took about 20 minutes for them to find in the back.

We went to go check out and that is when disaster struck.   We had the pleasure of having the "jack of all trades" lady check us out as she so proclaimed- who did not know how to do a credit card application.  We had decided to get a Wal-Mart credit card for this purchase because it would give us 12 months to pay it off with no interest and also an extra $20 off.

So she tries to start the application process and we get approved for it....easy enough.   Then it came time to make the purchase with the approval and she couldn't figure out how to do it.  

2 hours later and the help of 2 managers we walked out of Wal-Mart with out a TV but at least a promise of an extra $20 off when we came back.

We stopped at the Saratoga Springs hot pools on our way back though to make us feel better.  And almost got busted by the cops there if we hadn't left about 1 minute earlier.... apparently the park closes at 10pm.  oops.

So Saturday morning Harry and I head all the way back out to that Wal-Mart and AGAIN they cannot figure it out with 3 of the workers there.  Finally they call customer support after another half hour or so and it is all because when they first entered Harry's license they typed in one letter wrong, and to make the purchase they had to type in the license number.  STUPID.  

We really were not that mad, though it was  little annoying.   It was an honest mistake. The extra $20 was a nice gesture, though it hardly even paid for our gas to get out and back to that store from Provo.


We love it!