Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sooo. We got married!

Ya haven't posted in while... mostly due to Pony Express Days.  155 hours in a two week period- not a lot gets done, but the overtime is great!

So here is a little update:

was perfect.   Twin falls was a little windy but it made for some funny pictures and it made sure we all headed back to Eagle on time for the luncheon!  The temple ceremony was so wonderful and it was so nice to be surrounded by so many people we love!

 So excited for Brooke to actually be a part of the family too!

 Kyl and I have been friends since we were born.  She was such a great help all day!
 My new family!

Poor brook was so cold


Amazing.  Susan made some delicious pulled pork sandwiches, salads, brownies and ice cream... the whole bit.  It was all so good.  The luncheon was a lot of fun with the honeymoon salad joke included... and we got a huge surprise from the Anderson's who found us a Land Cruiser.   Harry's second wife for the day!  It has already been a ton of fun going up to the Anderson's to work on it.

The reception location was beautiful. The day turned out to be a perfect temperature and everything looked so cute.  My mom and Susan -and the rest of the family are so great at decorating and pulling things together.   I loved it all!  Susan also did my flowers which were beautiful.
The awkward bridesmaids
 The handsome groomsmen

 The sisters
 Now the all the lovely bridesmaids
 I love them
 we can't dance
 LOVED my flowers

really love him


 The reception hall

All in all it was a perfect day.  So happy to be married to my best friend. He is so wonderful.  

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