Sunday, June 17, 2012


So I FINALLY found out what the honeymoon was going to be as we drove down to salt lake to catch our flight.  We went on a cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico.  We had a great time.

First we stayed in LA for a day.  We were pretty far away from everything so the only thing we really did was go out to eat and walk down the beach for while.  

 The cruise was a blast.  Everyone on the boat was totally plastered the entire time so it was really entertaining.  We met one guy who had a $500 bar tab...after four days.  We didn't spend a dollar on food or drinks.  I prefer our way.
We had to take a ferry to get to Catalina Island.  I loved Catalina Island

We rented bikes there and rode around for a while and up to a botanical garden.  It was really pretty

 and there was this cool monument at the end of it that was huge.  It was for some guy that thought Catalina Island was neat so he wanted to help preserve its natural beauty. Good job guy.

 Then we rented wet suits (the whole cruise trip was in a little cold spell the area was having)  and went snorkeling.   The first wet suit the lady got me was really small.  I am not a small lady, its okay just get a bigger size.

This is about the only area on the island with houses.

 The biggest building, I think it is a Casino

 The water was really murky, and there were HUGE seaweed trees/monsters that were freaking me out.  yuck.

Arriving at Ensenada was cool.  You can't really tell in the picture, but this flag is the biggest flag I have ever seen. It was beautiful waving in the breeze.  I don't have any more pictures from here but Harry and I walked  down to a beach.... which was not 12 miles down the road like the bus man told us.  We could see it from the boat and had a map.  It was like a mile and half walk.  I think that guy was really out of shape.

We were pretty much the only people on the beach and the beach was huge, probably going on for over a mile.  The first place we started swimming we got in trouble by the lifegaurds because it was an undertow areas... oops.  So we moved over and were good friends with the lifegaurds after that.   We also fell asleep on the beach and got really burned even though it was cool and overcast.
 Harry took full advantage to all the free food.  Yes, three ice cream cones at once.
 So relaxing
We decided on the last day to play mini golf on top of the boat.  It was also the same time that the wind picked up to about 50 mph.  It was really fun.  At least I had an excuse for sucking so bad.

We had so much fun! So nice to get away for a while as newlyweds!

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