Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh Provo I hate you, I hate you and tow trucks too.

Well I was excited to come back and blog about our wedding and honeymoon adventures.... Which were absolutely wonderful.....But we had an unpleasant surprise at our arrival back in provo. All the good stuff will come later!

Our car was missing. It was parked on the street in front of our new house (completely legally, mind you) and that thing is not worth stealing so we were really confused. As we start calling the police station our neighbor lady was pulling up so I asked her the last time she had seen the car.

Well coincidently she knew exactly what car it was, that it had been towed that morning and what city ordinance (a three day parking limit.... What the heck.... We live here!) had been broken. She also was starting to act nervous and get red in the face. Wow thanks for being a friendly neighbor.

So the police officer comes, sees that there is no posting of that rule, feels bad, but suggests that we get the car out first and then take it up with the city.

So after the car lot people don't return our first call. We drive to their lot.. It's closed. Finally get ahold of someone and she is really nice. BUT, they are not open till Monday and charge everyday it's there. Then she calls us back later to inform us that we could have paid an extra fee to let someone get it tonight, but because of the circumstances we have to get it cleared by the DMV which is also not open till Monday. Wow.

So now everyone agrees that this probably not our fault but nobody can do anything about it. All while the charges keep piling up for the tow company.

So that is all we know for now.

The good news is, we have some homemade bread and jam from that amazing lady named Wendy Morgan. It's sure to make things better. Thanks Wendy!

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