Sunday, February 19, 2012

Falcons, Freeways, and French Fries


So my professor (the one who has us writing these weekly blog entries) is an avid falconer.   Until I took this class, I didn't even know this was a legitimate hobby.  Well, apparently it is, and there is a whole society of falconers, and they even have tournaments.   This last weekend one of those tournaments was held in the boonies out past Eagle Mountain City and my professor gave us the opportunity to volunteer at the tournament.   He asked if any of us knew how to drive a truck, so with out really thinking about it I volunteered because I have a truck and CDL.   Friday morning came around and it was time to head out to the tournament.   As I was making that hour long drive out to the tournament it finally dawned on me that I actually wasn't sure why I was doing this, because I actually don't like birds.  They kinda freak me out a little.  In fact, on multiple occasions I have had birds swoop down and hit me.   

Anyway,  despite my discomfort with birds, I ended up having a great time and learned a lot.   I got to wear a bright orange tent-jacket and help with parking.   Not only is there a large society of falconers, they draw spectators as well.   It was really interesting being out there and learning about how the tournament works and  talking to all the different falcon trainers that had come in to fly their bird.  

Unfortunately I didn't get to stay very long because Sadie and I had made plans to meet up in Burley just before 2:00.

So off I went and got on the freeway for the drive back to Boise.   I got a little bit of a late start from being at the tournament that morning so I really had to book it down the freeway.    I had hardly slept all week and had woke up at 5:00 am again and so I was a little worried about being sleepy.   I drank a five hour energy and had some red vines and peanut m&m's.   

I met up with Sadie at 1:58  ( I was under orders that the latest I could get there was 2:00).  And then Sadie and her friend Lauren hopped in my truck and we were off.   About Mountain Home I was starting to feel a little shaky and realized the only thing I had eaten that day was that candy and energy thing that morning.  BAD.  So we made an emergency Wendy's stop and Sadie drove the rest of the way.   

On our way into town I call my mom and tell her that I am riding with Kristen and we are headed into town and I could get dropped off and take her to the airport instead of parking her car there the whole weekend.  My mom and Brooke are in San Francisco for the weekend (and he proposed on Saturday!) and Sadie and I had devised a scheme to be able to surprise her at the airport when she gets back tomorrow (good thing she doesn't read these blogs).  In order for Sadie to have a car for the weekend, I took mom to the airport and Sadie took my car home.   That way my mom thinks I will have to go back early Monday and wont be here when she gets home, and she has no idea Sadie is here!  Genius. I know.

About the whole proposal: I AM SO EXCITED.  Brooke is such a great guy and we are so excited to have him as a part of the family.  He makes my mom happy and he really cares about us all.  It is going to be a fun year.  My cousin Jamie, my mom, my 2nd cousin Natalie and I are all getting married (plus a bunch of other friends) and two of my cousins (Nikki & Josh , and Nate & Jen) are going to be having a baby!  

I had my last dress fitting that evening and it's perfect!  All the alterations are done, and I just love it!

The rest of the weekend has been spent getting more wedding stuff, and spending more money I don't have.  I love being poor.

French Fries.
So another assignment from the professor this week was to "buy a stranger a coke."  All this entailed was to buy someone you didn't know, something.   I was really excited about this assignment.  So I was being 'compelled' to  serve,  but I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to do it.  I decided I was going to pay for someone's food who was behind my in a fast food, drive-through line.   I wasn't really hungry at the time so I brought along my dog, Gunner. so I could buy him a hamburger from Wendy's (double service).  The whole time I was driving there I was just hoping someone would pull up behind me in line so that I could pay for their exact order.   As I pulled into the line, I saw a younger guy pull up behind me and I was pretty excited, but I was really excited when I saw that he had a little boy in the backseat too!

I got to the window to pay and just mentioned that I would like to pay for the person behind me as well.  The guy at the window said "oh, ok, but you realize that their order is substantially more than yours."  I told him that was fine and he got a big smile on his face and said "ok, if you are sure!"  And then he happily sent me on my way.  I made sure to drive off quickly so I was gone before the guy behind me came around the corner to the window.

It made me feel really good to do that,  and I think I am going to do that a lot more.  Just a fun way to do a little service!

And Gunner enjoyed his hamburger as well.

I wish Harry could be here this weekend!  It is one of the only breaks we get the whole semester and we didn't get to spend it together.   He is with the Anderson's in Ogden and is working on the sickest Land Cruiser (that may potentially become ours) ever.  I just wish we had more time so we could do all these things together.   It has been fun to see his family though.  They are such great people and I am so happy I will officially be a part of the Douglass clan soon!


  1. WOO HOO!!! Congrats to your mom! I haven't met Brooke. But I'm sure he is awesome. And . . . I can't wait for you to officially be a part of the douglass clan either. Best clan ever.

  2. We're happy too!!! And congrats to your mom- we thought Brooke was a really cool guy!