Sunday, February 12, 2012

the dress-capade

There are currently six brand new dresses and one new skirt hanging on my bedroom walls.  All of which were purchased in this last week.  At least they are not ALL for me.

So after skiing at the Canyons last Saturday, Harry and I decided to go shopping at the Park City outlet malls to look for a suit for him and outfits for our engagement picture that we are taking in a few weeks.   We started at Banana Republic looking for suits and we found  a really good one and some brown pants for him, but wanted to make sure so we kept looking around at other stores.....EVERY SINGLE STORE in the outlet mall.   If you know Harry and I at all, you would know (1.) we don't like shopping and (2.) we take forever when we shop to make a decision -which is probably why we don't like to shop.   So yes, the only stores that we skipped were the children's clothing stores and the out door and sporting good store, because we knew we would spend even longer in those and probably buy something we didn't actually need. 

About 5 hours later we are getting around to the last shops.  We haven't bought a thing and I am getting grumpy and hungry (strangely the roles had changed).  And we come to the dress barn and I tell Harry that we are not going in there because that is an old lady store and I wont like any thing.  He insists that we go look at least.  Well apparently I like old lady dresses because about 30 seconds after we walk in I have gasped twice because I like a dress so much.  Well after a long process of trying on dresses and thinking they didn't have my size and magically fitting into a smaller size, I bought two dresses to wear to wear for the luncheon and then a get-a-way dress!   The ladies in the store were so excited that the one dress fit, that they started cheering and giving me high fives.  Sadly, it was more exciting than when I got my wedding dress from the dead-head david's bridal consultant.  (ok I was still WAY more excited to get my wedding dress.)

Any way so I got those two dresses and then we continued on our way.  At about the 6 hour mark of us shopping we have gone to every store and Harry has convinced himself that he does not want to buy that suit now.  I convince him that it was a good suit and he looked great (and it was less than $200!)  So we go BACK to try on that suit.....and he ended up getting it.  And then with opening a card there we look at some of the discounts we could get that day and we go BACK into the store we just came out of and got the brown pants -because they actually did have his size- that we spent the whole day looking for.

So that is part 1.

The next part is about bridesmaid dresses.   I have been looking online EVERYWHERE for some gray bridesmaid dresses and I had found some on-line that I loved....but they only had size xl, which would work out and I was getting discouraged.  They were perfect!  I was telling my Kristen about the dresses and she tells me those dresses just happen to be in the BYU bookstore of all places.  

Well the next day I just headed there in between classes and sure enough, there were there in all the sizes I needed!  strange, but YAY!

While I was getting those, I also saw a skirt I thought was good for the engagement pictures...  I bought it too.

I also saw this really pretty black lace dress, but had no reason for actually getting it so I just left.  Then as I was talking to my sister later that day I was mentioning how I still need to buy a  black dress for me being a bridesmaid in my cousin Jamie's wedding......der-duh-der.  I have also been looking everywhere for a black dress for her wedding, so I went back up to campus and bought that dress too.  All along I have been looking for dresses everywhere and I guess I just had to go to school more.  stupid.

Six dresses later, this weekend we spent about another hour looking again for another one for the pictures. 

And I also got my hair done which took 6 hours of my life I will never get back.  It looks good, but that was a little ridiculous.

Yay for dresses!  At least I got a little done for the wedding!


  1. HOly cow! 6 hours? how? Sam talked to Harry and he mentioned it had taken 6 hours and I was like "no way. Harry has to be exaggerating." Guess not! oh, and anything you buy at an outdoor goods store is something you need.

  2. I'm a little... no SUPER jealous of all your dress purchasing. I hate shopping that long with no success, but when you find that right one (or ones in your case) it's totally worth it! I think you probably would have had more fun at copper, but let's face it, you'd be not even a little closer to being done with your wedding plans. So kudos. And come next time.