Sunday, October 28, 2012

I updated!

But it is still a work in progress.  I usually feel pretty decent at computers until I try making my blog look good.  My ideas just don't quite work out as planned. But anyway- here are some things we have done over the last few months!

Backpacking in the High Uintas!  It was an awesome hike.

 Especially when ten minutes after the picture above, we got caught in a 3 hour hail/rain/thunder/freezing storm.  But I learned something from my Certificate of Adventure New Zealand Level 3... build a BIVY!

After the storm cleared we had a chance to explore some more

My mom wanted to have a girls weekend before the wedding to get to know our new sister/aunt Kristen better.  So she decided to go jetboating

 We love Kristen!
 So my grandma is awesome.... they even let her  drive the jet boat.
 The jetboating was so fun!  One of the engines did go out so we were stranded for a while... but never fear we were rescued by our old friend Art.

Harry and I raced in the Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon.  And we both placed!  Which is really strange because my time was not that good... and I pretty much doggy paddled the swim.  But the course was so beautiful and we both had a ton of fun!  

 My mom has all the good pictures so I will post those when I get them from her!

The wedding season is over for us, I don't even know how many we went to this summer.  It was amazing to see so many friends and family get married.  We felt loved and blessed to be a part of a lot of them too!

Brooke and my mom flew us down to Lake Tahoe for my birthday.  Brooke was presenting at an archaeological conference and so we got to see that and hang out at the lake.. even swam in Ocotober.

Kristen, Marco, Lorenzo and Isabelle met us there too! Kristen and have birthdays 4 days apart so we got to celebrate both of ours.  My camera broke after the first day so I only have a few pictures.  
Isabelle braving the cold water.  
It was really a beautiful and relaxing trip.  

We have had lots of fun lately and there is more to come! .... snow is already falling

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