Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rough week... good weekend

I vaguely remember posting a similar title regarding a rough week about this time two years ago in my New Zealand blog, but then it was completely sarcastic.  My week had been full of kayak classes, backpacking, eating delicious ice cream... and that is about it.

This week was not like that at all.  Between Sunday and Wednesday I managed to total about 9 hours of sleep (one complete all-nighter included and not much the other two nights.  The rest of the week was not much better, sleep-wise.   I just don't do well with out much sleep.... but I got a lot done:  I wrote a few papers, got some group projects done, and sent out over 400 wedding invitations.   I was sure glad to get those out finally.... and with the new reception address on them.   The invitation place (beautiful wedding announcements) did a wonderful job on them and they were extremely kind enough to reprint everything at no extra cost!   Wow, some really great people there.
Work was also a little rough.  I was at work about 11 hours on Friday and spent the most of it in the basement by myself calling people to ask for sponsorship donations....and once again didn't get squat.  I don't think I am a very convincing phone-sales person.  It gets kinda discouraging.  That evening I got to help set up for the Miss Eagle Mountain Pageant though which was a nice break from the office.

The weekend got much better though.

First off, I splurged a little and bought a new bike trainer on my way home from work on Friday.  I am very excited about it.

Next, also on Friday night we had our second soccer game of the intramural tournament.... and won... with 9 players.   We have yet to have enough players to have a full 11 on the field, let alone subs.
That team we played on Friday was reeeeaaaallllyyy dumb though.   Rude as can be and dirty little players.  I really wanted to punch one guy.   I usually do not have that urge.  

Anyway, that put us on through to the semi-final round the next morning.  I was supposed to head to Pocatello, but because so much of our team was gone, we would forfeit the tournament if I didn't show up.   So I changed my plans and stuck around to play in the game. 

So,  Saturday morning comes around and we only have 8 players.  The other team has 15.   We all thought we were going to get destroyed, but lo and behold, the Mustangs pulled through and won again!  It was a Christmas miracle.   Or just a show of our pure skill.  We are on our way to the Championship on Wednesday night, no big deal. And I also got a sweet battle wound, to be discussed later.

After the game was over I still had a big day ahead of me.  I hurried and packed up and drove to Pocatello, one of my second-mothers, Casie, did a practice run on my hair for my wedding, and then Sadie and I drove to Pocatello to go to Matthew Ward's wedding reception.  Got to see Nate Call there and some other friends.  So good to get some of the Yellowstone Thuggies back together.   We decorated, and by that I mean destroyed, good ol' Matt and Jessica's get away car.  And that is all I will say about that.

Sadie and I took off from the reception and then drove ALL the way back down, past pocatello, to Ogden. ( I don't know why I do these things sometimes- probably just to keep myself entertained while Harry was off on an awesome mtn. bike trip).  My Mom had come from Boise to Ogden on Friday to celebrate Brooke's birthday and also for Easter so Sadie and I wanted to be there as soon as we could.  

Ogden was a blast.  Harry came up to meet us and we went to the timeshare late Saturday night.  Easter morning we all went back down to Brooke's house.  We dyed eggs, had an Easter egg hunt....Harry was a big hog and got the most eggs and the golden egg, the big jerk (yes we have Easter egg hunts with only 3 kids and all over 18 years old).  Then we opened up our baskets, had a nice brunch and hung out at Brooke's place for a while. ( I am sad I didn't get any picture of all the fun) .......and then

......I went to the hospital.  That battle wound I got from the game had been just getting more swollen as the day went on, was really warm, and was just nasty all around.   I felt really stupid for going to the ER for a turf burn, but we could tell it was probably infected.  This picture doesn't do it justice.

This was another highlight from the weekend.   Not only is this an awesome sign but it also went with some of the best chicken strips I have ever had.   My mom spent about 20 minutes trying to convince us how good they were (but was just fishing for us to tell her that she should get some, haha oh I love my Mom.)  But I am glad she did.

OH! and I am supposed to blog about something I did for someone that is more stressed than me... to keep it vague, I dropped a present off with warm wishes to a friend that has been a little down.  It may not have been the best help, but I did try to do something!

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  1. love the trainer! Great thing to splurge on. Can't wait to do a triathlon with you someday!