Sunday, January 29, 2012

One of those weeks....

Ok so this week really wasn't terrible but I about lost it a few times...especially if I lost one more thing. First off, after that wonderful trip home I came back with out my computer cord-unbeknown to myself. So I lazily woke up Monday morning to print off my homework assignments that I had already done to find out that my cord wasn't here and my computer battery had already died ( which is no surprise as it lasts about 10 minutes). So I was sent into a frantic rush to redo all my homework before class. I first rode my bike to Harris house to check if my cord was in the car.

Side story: Emma got t-boned bad in a parking lot last week and it totaled her poor 4 runner. Harry's dad decided to come down with us on our way home to take THE 4 runner (yes, Harry's pride and joy) back to Eagle for Emma to drive. Harry is not too heart broken though...just means he/we might be that much closer to getting the old Toyota land cruiser that his family friend the Andersons's have. It is a sweet car. Alec was kind enough to drive Harry's car to Snowville so Kurt did not have to drive all the way to Provo and back. We could not of had better timing on that one. With us coming from Boise and Alec coming from Provo, we were going across the over pass from the off ramp and Alec was coming off the off ramp from he other direction. If he didn't stop at the stop sign he would have hit us. It was pretty awesome.

Anyway my cord Was not in my car, so I rushed to a lab on campus...the computers were not working, And then ran over to another. I was in there about 5 minutes before a class came in...I just stayed there with the class. So I recreated all my homework and all was well ( and, yes, now I have a dropbox account).

Until I realized I didn't have a book for one of my classes and neither did any book store in town, and I had a quiz due that night. So I finally figured out there was one on course reserve and went there after my statistic class ( of my professors refers to it as 'sadistics' and I agree) and my ID card had fallen out of my pocket somewhere. So I scrambled to find someone who could check he book out for me. Dumb.

Other things this week were having to go out to work an extra day for the annual sexual harassment meeting ( so fun), loosing my hair brush the day of a big meeting at work with the school district and a bunch of mis communication about getting to the meeting, finding out we have two weeks to raise $50,000 of our $150,000 goal at work in two weeks! ( and also finding out other cities have to raise about 5,000 to $ 18,000 total for their city celebrations, and
Harry almost having a loose it moment by being at the mall( but that one was actually pretty funny). But ya, just one of those weeks.

On a more postitive note- we had an awesome day of skiing now that there is actually snow and had a blast seeing my friends Ashley and Calvin a their place in highland. Also, I got to go To Cydnee Squires farewell. She is serving a mission in Argentina and will be a wonderful missionary. Also Harry did "not have that much homework" so I got to see him for like 3 hours on Friday night and most of saturday! I will take what I can get.

I just hope this week is a little more smooth running

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  1. oh my gosh. I feel your pain. Last winter semester, all of the sudden I was forgetting assignments that were due, leaving stuff home that I needed. I was so scattered. Worst feeling ever.